Touch, sight and sound combined

Haptagram brings life and interaction to otherwise lifeless online content such as art, music, ads, and anything digital in a way that’s never been done before, transforming a single-dimensional Image into an engaging and entertaining experience blending touch, sight and sound together, so it is responsive, remarkable, and remembered.
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The first NFT collection you can feel
Haptagram is launching the Sensies NFT Collection, a first-of-its kind, interactive collection of digital children, endowed with our patented lifelike traits, enabling owners to feel their own Sensie’s real human heartbeat, breath, giggle and more through their smartphone.
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The digital currency to touch the metaverse
Haptagram’s first official cryptocurrency, FeelCoin, gives a new generation of content makers, professional developers, and publishers greater economic power to monetize individual creativity through an entirely new dimension of experience on a touchscreen.


Digital Media

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