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Important note:  after you set up your Metamask or another wallet for the Binance Smart Chain you need to add the FeelCoin token contract to actually see the tokens in your wallet. After the Binance Smart Chain network has been set up in your wallet, now you’ll add the FEEL Token in your wallet.

To do so, just click on “Add Tokens” and enter the following:

FeelCoin Smart Contract Address: 0x5a66aE4Ad63008EA8874Bb6F4de4De5BEf8d9A21 (copy/paste to avoid errors)

Token Symbol: FEEL (this should display decimal digits which is 18).

Once the address above is entered as well as the number, then click “Confirm”.

The FeelCoin now will appear in your wallet with the symbol FEEL (congrats ! ;-))

If you have bid and won an NFT to see your NFT in your Metamask wallet (mobile version only) you need to do the following:

  • Select NFTs in your Metamask wallet
  • Verify that you use Binance Smart Chain
  • Click “Import NFTs
  • Under Adress, enter our contract Adress : 0x82ef7f4813fb0adbddf2a9015b6fcecdb559a670
  • Under ID enter the NFT address (contains figures only)
    To find the NFT Address, click in the winning email received on «View on BSCSCAN» and copy the Address under square brackets in the «Token transferred» field
  • Click import

Now the NFT(s) should be visible in your wallet in which you make the purchase!

For any questions please email at [email protected]