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Tactai, Inc. (www.tactai.com), the industry leader in enabling high fidelity haptic experiences online, has developed unique technology to endow existing or new content (such as videos and images) with haptic properties. These touchable content experiences can be delivered to diverse devices, such as smartphones, tablets, touch screens, and VR/AR. Haptagram Development LLC, an independent Delaware LLC, has acquired from Tactai the Haptagram apps and software platform, and intends to develop and extend the technology to make it available to the world to improve the human condition through the use of a blockchain. Haptagram is launching FeelCoin ($FEEL) at www.feelcoin.io as the means to enable platform access to the various network participants identified in this document.

FEELs are tokens issued in the Binance Smart Chain. They are not refundable, nor are they securities or for speculation. There is no promise of future performance. There is no suggestion or promise that FEELs have or will hold a particular value. FEELs give no rights in the company and do not represent participation in the company. FEELs are sold as a functional good. Any value received by the company may be spent without conditions. FEELs are meant only for experts in cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software systems.

Blockchain enables the secure and automated ownership and transfer of FeelCoins giving holders the potential to fuel decentralized business models for cooperation with strong incentive mechanisms, capture currently overlooked sources of value and establish entirely new revenue models. These new models involve FeelCoin holders in decision-making and allow them to have a stake in their favorite platform features, Haptagram evolution, growth of sensations library, while identifying and rewarding those who actively contribute.

The essential benefits of FeelCoins are:

• Incentivize and reward network participants
• Strengthen the growth and creation of the community
• Harness the value of the network utilities
• Boost network effects
• More equal and inclusive distribution of created value.