We are glad to help you. Please review this information to help you with your buying experience.

Enter your reserved amount in the Cart and proceed to Checkout.  Payments for FeelCoin can be made via PayPal, BNB, ETH, or BTC.

PayPal allows also you to use your credit card. However, some credit card companies do not allow crypto purchases.  If you see a payment error use a different funding source such as PayPal directly or crypto BNB or ETH. 

Important note: be sure to follow these steps to set up your wallet prior to making your purchase. After you set up your Metamask or another wallet for the Binance Smart Chain you need to add the FeelCoin token contract to actually see the tokens in your wallet.

After Binance Smart Chain has been set up in your wallet, now you’ll add the FEEL Token in your wallet. Just click on “Add Tokens” and enter the following:

FeelCoin Smart Contract Address:


Token Symbol: FEEL (this should display automatically once the address above is entered).

Then click “Confirm”.

Now you can buy your FeelCoin here:


After your FeelCoin purchase is completed, you will see $FEELs in your wallet.

Why purchase FeelCoin?
FeelCoin is a unique digital utility token on the Binance Smart Chain that gives you:

  • Access to Haptagram NFTs and premium Haptagram content
  • The ability to make your own Haptagrams
  • You can also mint your own Haptagram NFTs

It opens up an entirely new world of digital experiences that transform any static image into something unique, something alive that combines Touch, Sight , and Sound.

For any questions about purchasing FeelCoin please email at [email protected]